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Experience of Yoga

Yoga Fit is where you can find balance, harmony and energy renewal amidst the hectic bustle of everyday pressures and deadlines. Relax & enjoy a personalized day yoga experience in our comfortable sanctuary.

Utkatasana variation – Fierce

• Stretches spine
• Improves balance
• Strengthens quads

Ardha Matsyendrasana – Lord of the Fishes

• Stretches Latismus dorsi
• Improves thoracic spine flexibility
• Strengthens shoulder muscles

Trikonasana – Triangle

• Stretches hamstrings
• Improves pelvic area flexibility
• Strengthens side core muscles

Yoga with Umit is here to help during COVID-19: Private and Online Yoga Sessions are available in the comfort of your home. With many of us staying closer to home, I encourage you to use these specialized custom programs for your specific needs.

Vrikshasana – Tree

• Stretches adductors
• Improves balance
• Strengthens ankle

Uttanasana – Intense Stretch

• Stretches anterior muscles (front)
• Improves lumbar flexibility( lower back)
• Strengthens shoulder muscles

Sirsasana – Headstand

• Strecthes triceps
• improves wrist and shoulders
• Strengthens overall upper body

Choose Your Classes and Start Your Training

Why Private Yoga

Maybe you are starting yoga and want to master the basics before attending group classes, or maybe you need guidance because you are recovering from an injury or managing a condition, or maybe you have a hectic schedule and too busy to make scheduled classes.

Maybe you are a golf player and know the fact that having a slight advantage can make the difference between an enjoyable day on the course or a disappointing one.

Flexibility, mobility and stability is also important for robust tennis players who are more resilient to injury. Yoga can offer these advantages by increasing flexibility, range of motion in the joints and honing mental concentration.

If it’s not possible to get to a class, then joining a class is not the best choice. In such an instance, a private lesson can accommodate even the most hectic of schedules.Unlike basic classes, private lessons are specifically designed for your needs. One on one experience with an instructor can accelerate your progress. Private lessons can bring about improvements to one’s mental and physical health and help one achieve personal yoga goals more quickly.

Sometimes we just need the motivation to light the inner fire.

Umit Sedgi

Umit Sedgi

Yoga Director


For the last eight years, I have been blessed to introduce yoga and its benefits to thousands of people. My practice balances the spiritual and physical aspects of yoga by using poses as purifying …

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